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Michael Given Environments LLC is a landscape and waterscape construction company. In conjunction with our sister firm, Given Pool Designs LLC, we will walk you through the entire process of the design and construction of your outdoor environment. At the core we are a team of passionate designers and craftsmen committed to your experience being simple and predictable while delivering you an environment that is truly inspiring.

1. Initial Meeting & Identifying your Goals:

The first step is to determine the major components of your vision, like the types of amenities, how you will use the space, and the budget. -We then evaluate the Architectural and surrounding natural environment, like architectural style & details, existing trees, hardscape, and the terrain.

2. Design: Given Pool Designs LLC (for more information on the design process click here for Given Pool Designs LLC)

Conceptual Design: During this phase we create a conceptual plan utilizing the information from the initial meeting. This includes a hand-drawn plan and rough sketch perspectives of the designed environment. We will come up with preliminary pricing to determine if we are on track or need to make revisions.

Landscape & Waterscape Design: Next we move into the design development phase; we fine tune the design, begin to figure out the details, and make any changes necessary to keep the project aligned with its goals.

Construction Documents: Creating the details and specifications of how the project will be constructed. This includes Surveying, Elevations, Structural design, Engineering, and Hydraulics, as well as selecting the final finish materials and equipment. Once the drawings are completed we can determine the contract amount for the project.

3. Contract:

Upon final acceptance of the plans and contract amount we execute the Construction Agreement, and submit for a building permit (if applicable).

4. Construction:

Pool and Fountain Construction typically lasts 7-12 months depending on the complexity of the project. Environments with pool houses and home additions typically last 12+ months. Landscape and Water Feature construction vary significantly based on the scope. (We'll give you an estimated construction period for your specific project at the Contract phase).

5. Enjoy!

Once your new outdoor environment is complete the real fun begins! Life gets a little better when you are able to relax and enjoy your new space.

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